The Message

Policy making is what drives our nation. It requires a good understanding of the things that affect society at all levels. We have seen that through the years the political class have failed at points to create effective policy, this has resulted in EU policy becoming the benchmark for policy in the UK, this in turn has resulted in Brexit. It is likely that jobs will be lost, civil liberties will be affected, all because governance failed us.

A few years ago universal credits was introduced, long before it came about I was among the opposition to the system as it did not understand how welfare itself functioned for the poor, in the end the system failed costing millions. Foreign policy is also lacking not just domestic policy. The US and Russia invaded Syria, the UK government handed weapons to dissident terrorist organisations claiming to fight President Assad, they now use the experience we gave them to bring violence to our streets.

A Downing Street is an intelligent response to current policy and attempting to re-shape it to suit a modern and diverse world where interests are aligned. I know this is just an idea platform, so let’s have ideas and help shape existing archaic policy in some arenas.